“Wallowing Bull” Official documentary/music video

Christian Wallowing Bull is the essence of authenticity. A modern day storyteller who carries thunder in his voice.”


The Northern Arapaho singer-songwriter, Christian Wallowing Bull is a powerful voice in today's industry. Ever since the humble beginnings of his first album release, "Warrior" in (2020), he has been leaving his growing audience and following in complete awe. With a voice like thunder, he carries an ancestral power in all of his writings. 

Christian was the 1st place winner in the Wyoming Singer-Songwriter's $5,000 contest in 2021. He has since been touring and gaining notoriety on a national level.

It was in January of 2023 that the Wallowing Bull Music Video and Short Film (shot by Noam Sol and Dan Lior from Israel) was released and gained much attention both nationally and internationally. His music has been featured in various documentaries and in film festivals. He continues to share his stories and represent his tribal roots in all live performances.

Stills from the album WARPAINT 2.2.23

Stills from the album WARPAINT 2.2.23

There is not another artist like Christian Wallowing Bull in today’s industry. The voice he has and the power he carries is ancestral.”

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